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Posted by admin March - 11 - 2013

Stimulating plant growth regulator

Water soluble concentrate

Ingredients: 1g/L                Sodium 5-nitroguaiacholate

2g/L                 Sodium ortho-nitro phenolate

3g/L                 Sodium para-nitrophenolate

25g/L               Sodium naphtaline acetate


  • LENA CINE is a purposeful plant growth regulator containing 3 aromatic component.
  • Penetrates immediately into the plant structure, increases celljuice activity, gives vital strength


Capacity of assimilating and receiving water and minerals; transfer of theese materials through the harvestable parts increases. Plants become more resistable against negative environment conditions. Fruit loss before harvets decreases. Early harvest become available. Mikroorganism count of the soil increases, decomposition of organic materials accelerates. The plant might be slow for 2 days after application, but after that the growth will be accelerated after 2 days.

  • Plants must fed because of the increasing metabolizm activity.
  • Can be mixed with all insecticides and leaf fertilizers except for the strong acidic characters.
Plants Application time Application method Dosage
Strawberry Growth period Solution is sprayed over the plant in the beginning of september 75cc/100L water




Paddy tempering

Paddies are dipped into  LENA CINE solution for 12 hours. 200cc/100L water

Growth period

Sprayed over ear of grain 60cc/one tenth of a hectar






Melon,Watermelon      Cu     Cucumber

Pepper                                                                                                                                               Pep  

Seed Tempering

Seeds are dipped into  LENA CINE

solution for 8 hours,then keep waiting without cutting for 12 hours, at last dried under shadow.

50cc/100L water

Seedling spraying

Solution can be sprayed several times every 5 day. 25cc/100L water
Application before and after blossoms. Spraying 50cc/100L water



Citrus Fruits


Budding period Spraying 50cc/100L water

Fruit formation,

Growth period

Sprayed several times over Pea sized fruits cc/100L water
Vine Yards

Fruit formation,

Growth period

Sprayed several times before blossoms and onto unripe grape

50cc/100L water



Chick pea,lentil


To fix berries Sprayed several times before and after blossoms 60cc/one tenth of a hectar
Cotton Growth period First rake ,First blossoms, 90% seed capsule formation ( 3 times) 50cc/one tenth of a hectar
Beetroot Growth period 2-3 leaf period,beginning of root thickening

in turn in order

25,60 and 60cc/one tenth of a hectar

Decorative Plants Tempering  5 min. bottom tempering 25cc/100L water
Seedling spraying Soluion can be sprayed several times every 10 day. 16cc/100L water
Growth period Soluion can be sprayed several times every week. 50cc/100L water