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Posted by admin September - 13 - 2012

NPK: 10-40-10 + Fe + Mo + Zn

1kg,2 kg, 5 kg,10 kg, 15 kg,20 kg,25 kg ve 50 kg PLASTIC OR CARTOON PACKAGES

LENA CARE is a material that is added to the soil to supply elements required for plant growth and productiveness.

(with the major three elements, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus)

LENA CARE enhance the natural fertility of the soil or replace the chemical elements taken from the soil by harvesting, grazing, leaching or erosion.

LENA CARE is formulated in appropriate concentrations and combinations to supply three main nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N, P and K) and microelements for various crops and growing conditions.

N (nitrogen) promotes leaf growth and forms proteins and chlorophyll.

P (phosphorus) contributes to root, flower and fruit development.

K (potassium) contributes to stem and root growth and the synthesis of proteins.

Fe (Iron) contributes Chlorophyll synthesis (green stain), Photosynthesis and plant respiration, Protein synthesis and Nuclear acid synthesis (RNA)

Zn (Zinc) Activates enzymes necessary in the plant, contributes Building chlorophyll particles, takes role in protein synthesis, Amine acid synthesis (Tryptiphane)