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LENA TARIM LTD was established in 2001, since 2001, its main field of activity has been the production and marketing of agricultural chemicals and pesticides with experienced agricultural engineers, chemical engineers, chemists and etc. The head office and factory of LENA is located in ostim/Ankara organized industry zone. LENA supplies agricultural chemicals, plant growth regulators, fertilizers and pesticides to more than 1000 dealers and distributes its products all over the country, LENA has a wide range of portfolio that covers approximately 50 products.

LENA TARIM LTD., has become one of the leading generic agrochemical specialist and suppliers in Turkey. Our company which has a formulation plant established with latest technology in Ankara(capital city of Turkey). Our Quality Control Department is also fully supported with highly qualified staff who maintains the quality from every stage.

As a result, our company is a quality based manufacturer and formulator company, because LENA has been devoting itself to offering quality products, the progress of human society, sustainable development of agriculture and environmental protection, reliable service with competitive price and professional staffs to meet the demands of the clients.


We are making formulations of high quality crop protection products including PGRs (Plant Growth Regulators), fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and etc. production.

Automatic powder and liquid filling machines are used in production, batch analysis are made before filling the several volume typed bottles with a range from 50cc to 20litres, and packings between 50grams and 25kgs.


Relying on our high quality products, cooperation-oriented marketing strategy and excellent technical service, we have established a professional distribution network and at this moment, we are in the process of international expansion.

We are very active in the contract production of new generic agrochemicals in order to satisfy our domestic and international customer’s furthest demands.


As a Professional agrochemical exporter, we fully realize the importance of registration support and technical service. Through the cooperation with the famous laboratories, universities and research institutions, vast qualified data for agrochemical registration are generated. So, we can support our customers to register agrochemicals in the fast growing target markets.

LENA has a very good place in Turkish agriculture market, and is ready with all the permitions taken by the Ministry of Agriculture for seed production; under the respect of our founder and owner, Mr. Lokman Abbasoglu; who is very well known in Turkish agriculture seed business with the experience and  knowledge of his older company which was the first main Turkish dealer of Netafim and Zeraim Gedera.