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LENA HUMAT 15 Ingredients: 150g/L Potasium Humate ( Polymeric Polyhydroxy Acides, Humic and Fulvic Acides) Humic Acide helps plants receive macro and micro nutrients easily from soil and increases harvest yield thereupon decrease product cost. Balances pH of soil, prevents loss of nutrients. Amount of Microorganisms of soil increases. Triggers Generation of seeds. Supports root formation which helps strong plant formation. Makes plants have longer shelf life. Increases water holding […]

OCEAN Seaweed ORGANIC FERTILIZERS pH: 8-10 Content % Total Organic Material:45 Water Soluble K2O 20 Free Amino Acides:0,15 Alginik Asit:4,5 Cytokinin Gibberellin:600ppm Completely trained from natural seaweed and does not design any chemical substances. Enables transition of the requirements of the plant from soil to the plant structure, so the yield increases. Can be effectively used on, Cereals Vegetables Fruits Floriculture and spring gren Greenhouse Crops Cotton Corn COMMERCIAL METHOD: […]

LAMİNOSİT Plant originated Amino Acide Containing Organic Fertilizer pH: 3,5-5,5 Content % Total Organic Material:42 Free Amino Acides:40 Total Nitrogen:12 Organic Nitrogen:8 Can be applied to, field crops, industrial crops, Fruits, Vegetables, Fodder Crops Decorative Plants and Planting 400 gr, 500 gr and 1000 gr packings.