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LENA VILNA 25 EC 250 g/l Tebuconazole USAGE LENAVILNA 25 EC is a preventive, systemic and eradicated action fungicides. It is used to control powdery mildew in cereals and grape, and Alternaria blight in citrus. Grape powdery mildew: 1.application at   25-30 cm length of shoot, 2.application at 2-3 mm diameter of berries, 3. and others application done depending on wheather  conditions and disease development in every 10  days interval. Alternaria blight […]

LENA PASOF 72 WP 8 %  Metalaxyl+64 % Mancozeb USAGE : Grape downy mildew  : 1. application at   25-30 cm length of shoot,  2. and others application done  depending on wheather  conditions every 10-14 days interval. Potato late blight   : Apply at first disease symptoms appear and continue 14  days  intervals. Cucurbit downy mildew: Apply at first disease symptoms appear . COMPATIBILITY:Compatible  with many fungicides, insecticides, acaricid and plant nutrition […]

Lena Guide 50 WG %50 Kresoxim-methyl USAGE: It is a protective fungicides. A thin layer occures on leves and other plant parts after application , not affeccted shortly after rain, persist enough time.  It has also good translaminar activity. Product is not temperature dependible.  Covered spray reccomended.   Apple scab: 1.application at bud swelling , 2. application at  pink  bud stage, 3.application at  70-80 % petal fall., 4. th and […]

LENAFRUIT (BORDEAUX MIXTURE 20 WP COPPER EQUIVALENT) Directions for Use: Donot spray this product when hot conditions or frosts occus as damage may result Donot use this product on cupper sensitive srops or varieties. Donot apply when slow drying conditions prevail Donot apply to wet crops Donot apply if rain is likely before the spray is dry Crop Disease Rate per 100 L Critical Comments Apples Late scap, black rot, […]