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Stimulating plant growth regulator Water soluble concentrate Ingredients: 1g/L                Sodium 5-nitroguaiacholate 2g/L                 Sodium ortho-nitro phenolate 3g/L                 Sodium para-nitrophenolate 25g/L               Sodium naphtaline acetate   LENA CINE is a purposeful plant growth regulator containing 3 aromatic component. Penetrates immediately into the plant structure, increases celljuice activity, gives vital strength thereupon; Capacity of assimilating and receiving water and minerals; transfer of theese materials through the harvestable parts increases. Plants become […]

Crop Application method Period Effect Dosage Tea Foliage spray Before tea bud in the quarter of Spring, Summer and Autumn increase yield 2-3 mL/1L water Tomato Flower coat (Spray once on each blossom) Flowering period ripening and yield 2-3 mL/1L water Eggplant Flower coat (Spray once on each blossom) Flowering period promote fruit setting 2-3 mL/1L water Lena Tomat can be used to prevent flower drop and fruit drop, inhibit […]

LENA BETA Ingredients: 50g/L β-naphtoxy Acetic Acide(BNOA) For tomatoes seedlings Spray 1mLsolution/1L water over blossoms for sufficient growth and early formation of blossoms. Pulverize homogenized  1-1.5mLsolution/100Lwater every 10-15 days all over the leafs and blossoms especially during cool afternoon hours. Plants Application time and method Application purpose Tomatoes, eggplant, Pepper, cucumber, Courgette, beans, Strawberry, watermelon Pulverization and dipping(1mL/1L water) Pulverization over plant skin (100cc/100L water) For sufficient growth and to […]

LENAGIBB TABLET To adhere solution on the plant, usage of a adhesive-spreader is recommended. plant growth regulator Water soluble tablets Ingredients: 1 g  pure Gibberellic Acide tablet ( GA3) Plants Application purpose and period Dosage/ 100L water Sultanas For normal density clusters of grapes and big berries 1st app: before blossoms, 4-8 cm clusters forming period (for the growth of clusters) 2nd app: blossom period 3rd app: 8-10 days after […]